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Symprove Mango & Passionfruit Pack 500ml 4 Week Pack

Symprove Mango & Passionfruit Pack 500ml 4 Week Pack
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4 x 500ml Liquid (4-5 Weeks Supply)
Symprove delivers live, active multi-strains of bacteria to the gut - just where they are needed. It’s totally different to any other multi-strain supplement because of its Unique Delivery System (UDS). This special delivery system protects the bacteria from the gastric juices in the digestive tract, where they quickly reach targeted areas of the gut and colonise. 

Delivered as a refreshing, water-based, Mango & Passion Fruit drink, Symprove is non-dairy and gluten-free. 

Recent independent research shows that users see the best results over a 12 week period as this gives time to effectively restore and fully reset balance in the gut. Many people then go on to take a maintenance dose (often a half dose) as part of their daily diet. 

Store Symprove at ambient temperature. Once open, refrigerate.

Works to restore the balance of ‘beneficial’ bacteria in the gut.


Active ingredients (per dose): Live activated cultures of L rhamnosus, E faecium, L plantarum, L acidophilus, Vitamin C, Preservatives: trisodium citrate, potassium sorbate; natural flavourings, sweetener; sucralose. 


Drink one cup full first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Wait 10 minutes before having hot drinks or eating breakfast.


Within the first few days, you may find a loosening of stools. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Store away from children. Do not freeze or heat Symprove as it contains live, active bacteria.


1 x  500ml bottle of Symprove Mango & Passion Fruit Drink

1 x product information leaflet

1 x 60ml measuring cup

Customer Testimonials 

"Hi David,

Thank you for your email.

I was diagnosed with IBS a few years ago and have suffered from food intolerances which i believe to be the main cause of the IBS so much so that eating out can be an extremely upsetting experience – literally! I read about Symprove in the Daily Mail and researched what people were saying about it.  Accordingly i was confident enough to give it a go.  I have been taking Symprove for about three weeks now and although early days i do feel better for taking it.  Perhaps most noticeable of all is that my stools appear to be more normal now.  I have purchased additional supplies so that i will be able to continue taking it for another eight weeks or so.  It will be interesting to assess the effects after the full twelve week period.

Maybe it would be better to contact me again say at the end of October for a more detailed review."

- Mr E. From Tunbridge Wells 

"Dear David,

Very happy to write about how Symprove has helped.

Symprove is not for myself, it is for my son. Growing up he liked confidence, when he started 6th form, he started to have extremely bad stomach pains, mainly in the morning, which was diagnosed as IBS. We had many trips to the doctors and tried different tablets and kept a food diary, but nothing really helped, he struggled through his A-levels and got accepted into university.

During his first year at uni, some days he struggled to get out of bed due to the pain, when he was home for Christmas he returned to his part time job at Waitrose, which meant very early starts, as a mother I found it difficult to cope with seeing him in pain and tried many different suggestions from health shops as well as the tablets from the doctors.

Then one day at work someone gave me a magazine to read and in it was a whole page on Symprove, I went onto the Internet and it had nothing but positive feedback. My son, was very negative to try it, especially at the cost, along with what uni costs, but I ordered some anyway. He hated the taste and still has another drink ready for as soon as he's take it, but it has helped tremendously.   He is not completely pain free, but he can now cope with it and early morning and it has got him through two years of uni exams.  It has to be symprove which is helping as if he doesn't take it the pains are bad. 

I'm extremely pleased that I ready that magazine and made the decision to try Symprove and would recommend to anyone who suffers with IBS.

Kind regards"

 - Louise from Cambridgeshire 

"Mr David Hill, 

Thank you for your request for a brief testimonial concerning the effects of 'Symprove' as a remedy for the distressing condition caused by malfunctioning digestion.

The treatment was required by my wife who suffered for several years from a very painful and debilitating reflux that could only be controlled by continual recourse to conventional stomach acid remedies. An acquaintance mentioned a new microbial relief which was newly available and we decided to trace a supplier which led us to 'Sunshine Health Shop' and a trial purchase.
The result of a one week daily dose of 'Symprove' was remarkable relief and we are content to continue a course of treatment that we hope will produce a permanent relief.

Yours sincerely,"

- Mr Elliott from Co. Durham 

"I started taking Symprove some 4 months ago after an Internet search due to suffering discomfort for many years of occasional tummy pains and

prolonged bouts of diarrhoea.

I had previously tried many other remedies and alleged cures but nothing appeared to work.

Since taking the Symprove, the symptoms have definitely eased up. I am not out of the woods yet but am feeling much more comfortable.

A tip is to not skip a day and always take the correct dosage as recommended  in proportion to your weight.

Thoroughly recommended"

-Wayne C London

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