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Seagreens Wild Seaweed Food 60 Capsules

Seagreens Wild Seaweed Food 60 Capsules
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These Human Food Seaweed products provide the synergy of three closely related species of Seagreens organic wild wrack seaweeds - Ascophyllum, Pelvetia, and Fucus.

These are micronised and mixed to provide a convenient, uniquely complete and balanced dietary foundation for all ages in everyday use.

Used every day, Seagreens seaweed complements and fills gaps in the nutritional profile of conventional land foods, thus supporting the intricate balance of nutrients, especially micro-nutrients, we need to stay in optimum health. 

Like our bodies, the oceans contain some 100 known nutrients, needing constant replacement. Seagreens harvests the most nutritious wild seaweeds, cutting the plants every few years so they grow again to nutritional maturity.


Food Capsules are easily taken each morning (preferably with other food) and at other times, preferably earlier in the day.

This provides a full spectrum of natural food vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phenols, essential fatty acids, enzymes, trace elements, amino acids, proteins and numerous nutrient compounds including all the rarer nutrients like B12, selenium and zinc, complex micronutrients, and special seaweed carbohydrates which benefit the gut and gut bacteria.

An ideal organic balance which cannot be artificially formulated and helps fill the nutrient gaps in all land grown and processed foods, however produced.


• Fine milled organic wild wrack

• Vegetable Capsule (vegetable carbohydrate gum, glycerine, water)

Additional Inofmation: 

• Seagreens vitamin E contains all the isomers otherwise found only in seeds like wheatgerm, for those who have wheat intolerance. 

• For vegans and vegetarians Seagreens are Nature’s finest source of organic iodine.

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