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Otosan Nasal Spray Forte 30ml

Otosan Nasal Spray Forte 30ml
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Otosan Nasal Spray is a hypertonic solution (2.2) containing sea water from Brittany, enriched with plant extracts andessential oils from organically grown plants.

Free from vasoconstrictors andpropellant gas, Otosan Nasal Spray is an essential remedy for symptoms of:

• Seasonal colds or allergies;

• Rhinitis;

• Sinusitis;

• External irritant agents (pollen, acarus, dust, etc.);

• Post-surgery.

Its natural multi-action locally acts by deeply cleansing the nasal cavities, helping to reduce congestion, inflammation and the incidence of infection, providing instant relief.


Otosan Nasal Spray combines the cleansing and softening action of the hypertonic sea water solution from Brittany with Aloe Vera and Blackcurrant plant extracts and Mountain Pine, Tea Tree and Lemon essential oils.


CE medical device – Carefully read the instructions for use.


Respect the environment! Make a difference for a better future.

With our products not only do we take care of you but also of the environment.

Our products are made with natural raw materials without artificial colourings or preservatives, using electricity from renewable sources and choosing recyclable paper and cardboard for boxes, instruction leaflets and promotional material.

This is our overall commitment to improve the quality of life and of our surrounding environment. Please help us to achieve this goal!

After use, remember to dispose of the empty box and instruction leaflets in the appropriate waste sorting containers by following the instructions provided.

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