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Sunshine has been promoting the natural health message in Gloucestershire’s Cotswold Market Town of Stroud for over 90 years. 

The family owners for the last three decades have spent over 50 years in the Naturopathic Practice encouraging the principles of natural dietetics, herbal Medicine and nutritional supplementation as a safe path to a healthier life.

Our Shops

Stroud was one of the first birthplaces of the Organic Food Movement and to this day Sunshine Health provides the community with an abundant range of natural organic whole foods. 

Our selection of freshly baked vegetarian and vegan goods are all prepared daily in our bakery which supplies our Health Food Shop located in Church Street, built during the 18th century.

Sunshine also has its own Natural Healthcare Supplements Shop located on the High Street, housing a wealth of knowledge and friendly customer service. 

Our People

There are currently three generations of the Hill family in the business. 

Ray, the father, who trained in Nature Cure practice in the late 1950’s and has been in the natural health practice and health food industry ever since. 

Andrew, the eldest son, who for over 40 years has managed Sunshine Health Shop’s together with his two brothers Michael, who controls all business administration and David, who has for some 25 years personally looked after the needs of our mail order customers and since 1996 managed our internet business. 

Stuart, the eldest grandson, has spent over 15 years baking a fresh daily range of organic breads, cakes and savouries at our Sunshine Organic Bakery here in Stroud which supplies our Health Food Shop in Church Street. 

During the past decade Stuart has worked with his father, Andrew, in Sunshine’s Health and Body Shop advising customers about our vast range of nutritional supplements, natural cosmetics, toiletries and herbal & homeopathic medicines. 

Here at Sunshine Health there is a wealth of longstanding experience and freely available advice to help you meet your particular health needs.

Our Product Range

The brands and products on this website are a selection from a vast range of supplements, remedies, natural medicines, cosmetics, toiletries and health foods.

If you happen not to find what you’re looking for then please contact us. The chances are your request will be among the 5000+ products we stock. We will come back to you with prices and any other details before we dispatch. Our prices are normally those suggested by the manufacturer or sometimes less.

Our Service

We always endeavour to give you a next day delivery! This is subject of course to us having your items in stock and the carrier not letting us down, both being rare occasions.

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