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Seagreens The Mineral Bath 300g

Seagreens The Mineral Bath 300g
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Relax, remineralize and rejuvenate in your own seaweed spa.

Seagreens nutrition is water soluble, so our bodies can absorb and luxuriate this wonderful seaweed!

All Seagreens products are certified Organic, Kosher, free of allergens with nothing added and nothing taken away.

Both inner and outer bags are compostable - after use, give them to your garden!

Just Seagreens Human Food Seaweed. There's simply nothing like it.


Simply drop 2 bath bags from your pack of Seagreens' The Mineral Bath into the water as you pour your bath.

Then soak in the rich mineral goodness of 100% Seagreens Ascophyllum nodosum, our wild wrack seaweed.

Each pack contains six bath bags - enough for 3 baths per pack.

For a seriously therapeutic bath, we suggest 2 bags per bath - that's 100 grams (3.52 oz) of Seagreens per bath.

Nutitional Value

The Mineral Bath per 100 grams (3.52 oz.)

(2 bath bags = 100g)

Protein : 5.9g

Carbohydrate : 55.5g of which Dietary Fibre : 49.75g (including the non-starch polysaccharides Algin, Fucose, Fucoidan, Mannitol, Methylpentosans, Laminarin, Mannuronic Acid and Chlorophyll

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) : Total EPA + DHA Omega-3 78.30mg, Omega-3 169mg, Omega-6 513mg, Omega-9 1250mg, Alpha-linolenic Acid 50mg, Eicosapentenoic Acid 78.5mg

Vitamins : A (antioxidant carotenoids including beta carotene, fucoxanthin and violaxanthin) 8900µg, B1 (thiamin) 30µg, B2 (riboflavin) 5µg, B3 (niacin or vit PP) 5900µg, B9 (folate) 28600µg, B12 (cyanocobalamin) 47µg, C (antioxidant) 4950µg, D (cholecalciferol) 0.5µg, E (antioxidant) 1350µg, H (biotin) 15µg, K (menadione) 500µg

Minerals : Calcium 1350mg, Magnesium 825mg, Nitrogen 950mg, Phosphorus 70mg, Potassium 1820mg, Sodium 3450mg, Sulphur 5.5mg

Trace Elements : Antimony 5µg, Barium 605µg, Boron 9800µg, Cerium 11µg, Cobalt 63µg, Copper 56µg, Germanium 7µg, Gold 5µg, Iodine 71200µg, Iridium trace, Iron 11900µg, Lanthanum 5µg, Lithium 33µg, Manganese 2500µg, Molybdenum 63µg, Palladium 75µg, Platinum trace, Praseodymium 11.2µg, Rhemium 13µg, Rubidium 620µg, Ruthenium 0.3µg, Scandium trace, Selenium 3µg, Silicon 6000µg, Silver 5.5µg, Thallium 0.2µg, Tellurium trace, Titanium 207µg, Vanadium 359µg, Zinc 4400µg. A total of 67 mineral elements have been analyzed in all Seagreens human food ingredients

Amino Acids : Alanine 177mg, Arginine 115mg, Aspartic acid 330mg, Cystein + Cystine 75mg, Glutamic acid 400mg, Glycine 385mg, Histidine 40mg, Isoleucine 106mg, Leucine 195mg, Lysine 125mg, Methionine 75mg, Phenylalanine 115mg, Proline 178mg, Serine 126mg, Threonine 128mg, Tryptophan 47mg, Tyrosine 66mg, Valine 145mg

Betaines : Glycine Betaine trace, Gamma Amino Butyric Acid Betaine trace, Delta Amino Valeric Acid Betaine trace, TML (Laminine) trace, L-Carnitine trace, Trigonelline trace, enzymes, lipids, lioproteins and many compound micronutrients which cannot be artificially replicated or formulated

Note: 1g (gram) = 1000mg (milligram) = 1,000,000µg (microgram)

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