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Pukka Chamomile, Vanilla & Manuka Honey Tea 20 Sachets

Pukka Chamomile, Vanilla & Manuka Honey Tea 20 Sachets
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Chamomile, Vanilla & Manuka Honey tea is a blissful cup of soothing organic chamomile tea made deliciously sweeter with vanilla and manuka honey.

It's a cup that invites stillness so you are restored. One that in the midst of chaos and clutter, there’s a beautiful still pool. Just fresh water and heat can awaken the magic of nature’s finest gifts: silky golden chamomile, exotic vanilla pod, and the golden balm of manuka honey.

With a sip, stillness takes over. Enjoy your blissful moments.

Good news for inner peace.


Chamomile flower (68%), sweet fennel seed, licoriceroot, manukahoney flavour* (3.5%), vanilla pod (2%), vanilla flavour (1.5%). (*contains non organic antioxidant ascorbic acid).


Bring these incredible herbs alive by infusing in freshly-boiled water for at least 5 minutes.

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