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Health Factory Nano Magnesium 200ml

Health Factory Nano Magnesium 200ml
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Magnesium performs some 200 functions in our body. Among other things, it contributes to a reduction in fatigue, a normal energy-yielding metabolism, a good electrolyte, the normal functioning of the nervous system and psychological functions, the normal functioning of muscles and protein synthesis, the maintenance of normal teeth and bones, and plays a role in the process of cell division. Nano Magnesium is also available extra strong (70 ppm).

Nano Minerals of The Health Factory are:

Extremely small, even smaller than plant derived minerals.


Spherical in shape, making it work much faster and more effective than other

   products in the market place.

The shape of the particle is key to maximizing Zeta potential. Zeta potential is the 

electrical charge surrounding each particle within the liquid. Maximizing Zeta potential 

also means longer shelf life.

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