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A. Vogel BioSnacky Small Glass Germinator Jar (Seed Sprouter)

A. Vogel BioSnacky Small Glass Germinator Jar (Seed Sprouter)
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A.Vogel BioSnacky Seed Sprouters


Use seed sprouters to grow your own sprouts!

Seed sprouters (or germinators) are devices used to grow sprouts. Whilst you can make your own sprouters using an old jar covered with muslin cloth, many people prefer to use inexpensive, purpose-built seed sprouters to grow a consistent supply of sprouts for each meal.

The BioSnacky system has two types of seed sprouters:

Both are easy to use, simple to clean and dishwasher safe:


  • A large, 3 tier germinator
  • A small glass germinator

Small glass germinator (seed sprouter)

This is ideal for the single person or small family. The small glass germinator consists of a glass jar with a high quality lid with drainage holes.

Using the glass germinator is simple – place the seeds in the glass jar, add water, replace the lid and invert the jar so that water drains out again. Do this 2 or 3 times a day.

Whilst suitable for small families, the downside of this small seed sprouter is that you can only grow one batch of sprouts at any one time.

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