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About Macacha

MACACHA is natural, organic and raw plant-based protein shakes specially formulated with herbs, botanicals and adaptogens. Our blends are at the forefront of natural formulation, with no emulsifiers, gums, thickeners, as well as being free from gluten, dairy, GMO. Our blends vegan raw and organic, built from a base of pea and rice protein for a complete amino acid profile, plus our Signature 6 superfoods of maca, baobab, flax seed, cranberry, ginger and kelp seaweed (from Seagreens®). .

Versatile with a delicious vanilla flavour, they mix beautifully into smoothies, juices, porridges and more. And our stylish 33g sachets are great for the handbag or gymbag while our beautiful drums incorporate into your kitchen decor like your favourite tea.




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